For Tubed And Tubeless Tyres:

A RunFlat System for civil and light commercial applications, Ty-Lok is a band which fits in the well of the wheel rims. It locks the tyre on the wheel, preventing it from slipping off the rim when it is deflated.

This gives good driver control after a tyre blowout or a sudden deflation at speed and allows the driver to continue for several kilometres with a flat tyre. Ty-Lok can accommodate both tubed and tubeless tyres.

Ty-Lok is widely used on civil vehicles where safety or road condition can be an issue. Ty-Lok is also ideal for emergency vehicles, cash in transit vehicles, trailers pulled by cars, buses, etc...

Tyre blowouts and punctures are closely linked to accidents, too often fatal. Ty-Lok offers the peace of mind of knowing the driver will control their vehicle in such situations.



An Economical Runflat:

Ty-Lok is the most economical yet safe RunFlat solution in our range. For run flat distances longer than 5km and to protect the rim from damage, it is however recommended to use RunFlat Dynamic Systems.

The picture on the left shows how the tyre can be dislodged from the rim without a Ty-Lok security band whereas it is not possible for the tyre to be removed without tools (i.e. when running on the road) when it is equipped with Ty-Lok.


Download attachments: pdfTylock_Fitting__instructions.pdf