The Dynamic RunFlat is designed for single piece wheels and is therefore suitable to be fitted on the vast majority of cars, SUV’s, trucks and trailers. When fitted the Dynamic RunFlat enables a vehicle to safely continue its journey following ballistic or terrain-related tyre damage to one or more tyres.

The Dynamic RunFlat is made of 2 or 3 antiballistic composite segments bolted around the wheel rim which remain fixed on the rim when the tyre is fully inflated but slip in the opposite direction to the forward rotation of the tyre and wheel when the tyre is deflated, compensating for the difference in diameters between the tyres (inflated and deflated) on each side of the axle.


  • Easy to fit - thanks to our patented locking device meaning they can be fitted with no specialist tools.
  • Reusable - long lasting and do not perish over time.
  • Safe to fit - no fingers inside the tyre when installing the RunFlat making it absolutely safe.
  • Smooth and safe ride - no grease is required inside the tyre (only on the inner profile of the RunFlat which is in contact with the rim).
  • Robust - bulky design and less prone to damages
  • Excellent ballistic resistance - extensively tested at all temperatures


Within the Dynamic RunFlat range, we offer 2 main run flat capabilities in line with the FINABEL standard (other variants do exist based on specific clients' requirements):

Dynamic 15km

A 2-segment RunFlat designed and manufactured to cover 15 km at 50km/h on road in deflated mode.

Dynamic 50km

A 3-segment RunFlat designed and manufactured to cover 50 km at 50km/h on road (3km at escape speed up to 90km/h, 10km at 50km/h and 37km at 25km/h) or 40 km off road at 20 km/h in deflated mode.




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